Living with Angels

Guidance for your soul

Beverley Litchfield
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Journey with Beverley Litchfield, a clairvoyant and psychic healer of many years experience, to discover the relationship between this world and the next. Learn about spirit guides, guardian angels and spiritual tools to navigate through earthly difficulties.

Have we lived before on earth? Are there really guardian angels and spirit guides? Through her work as a clairvoyant and spiritual healer, Beverley Litchfield has dedicated her life to showing clients that there are indeed guardian angels and spirit guides around us all the time, and that they are here to help us navigate our life on earth.

In this book, Beverley takes us on a journey of discovery about the reality of our world and the one following. She writes that this journey of life is simply a stepping stone to something greater and that we are all here on earth to learn our lessons and grow. Sometimes in this process, the souls of loved ones who have passed on communicate with us and watch over us.

Filled with amazing stories gathered from the psychic readings Beverley has conducted with clients over the past twenty-two years, Living with Angels delivers many spiritual tools for earthly battles and provides help to navigate through difficulties. Beverley's insights and truths about the spiritual realm will prepare you for the most exciting journey you will ever undertake your life.

Beverley Litchfield was born in Sydney and worked as a school teacher and a librarian for many years. Once she became aware of her unique psychic gifts, she began working as a professional psychic and clairvoyant. Beverley has helped many thousands of people to a more fulfilling and rewarding life as they begin to raise their levels of understanding about this world and the next. Her first book, On Wings Unfolded: A journey towards light, was published in 1996.

Author bio:

Beverley Litchfield, a former school teacher and librarian, has been working as a clairvoyant and psychic healer for over twenty years.

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ISBN: 9781741146967
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Chapter 1 Connections with the other side

Chapter 2 Understanding the psychic realm

Chapter 3 Life beyond death

Chapter 4 Learning more about the unseen world

Chapter 5 Guided by angels

Chapter 6 Seeking our higher selves

Chapter 7 Finding our way

Chapter 8 How the universe can help us

Chapter 9 Have we lived before?


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