Natural history

Birds of Mongolia

Sundev Gambotaater Axel Braunlich

AUD $60.00

The first ever guide to the birds of Mongolia.

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Birds new to science

David Brewer

Format: Hard Cover

AUD $79.99

The story of the discovery of 250 bird species new to science since 1960

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Buddhism for Pet Lovers

David Michie

AUD $27.99

Bestselling meditation author David Michie explores the deep bond we have with our pets. With insights from Buddhism and modern science, and including true stories from around the world, he shows how we can provide practical support to our pets both in daily life and when they are dying.

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The Leaping Hare

George Ewart Evans

Format: Paperback

AUD $22.99

A new edition of a rare and remarkable book about every aspect of the life and legend of the wild hare.

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Nina Lyon

Format: Paperback

AUD $22.99

A provocative and playful exploration of the Green Man, from an exciting new talent.

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Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist

Paul Kingsnorth

Format: Paperback

AUD $32.99

The award-winning essayist examines the impact of humans on the Earth and considers how we might live in this changing world.

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Birds of Venezuela

Robin Restall and David Ascanio

AUD $69.99

A brand new, comprehensive and fully illustrated field guide to the birds of Venezuela, covering all 1,400 species.

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David Chandler

AUD $17.99

RSPB Spotlight: Kingfishers is packed with eye-catching, informative colour photos and features succinct, detailed text written by a knowledgeable naturalist.

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The Complete Garden Bird Book

Mark Golley & Stephen Moss

AUD $19.99

An informative and practical guide to watching and attracting birds to your garden.

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