Film Business

A handbook for producers

Edited by Tom Jeffrey
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The long awaited third edition of this well-known and widely used handbook - an invaluable reference for anyone who works in or with the film industry.

If you want to be a successful film producer, you'll keep Film Business close at hand: one copy on your desk and one copy on your bedside table.

The Producer makes films happen. With all the skill of the best circus juggler the producer moves a film project forward from idea to release,as quickly as possible, on time and on budget. The producer has clear goals and oversees the creative process with efficiency, passion and unflagging enthusiasm.

Film Business explains all you need to know to become a successful producer. The book covers building a business plan, selecting and analysing scripts, and creating strategies for deal-making, as well as the production and marketing of projects in a range of genres and markets from traditional cinema to digital interactive media and multi platforms. With amusing anecdotes and invaluable advice from industry experts, this handbook provides you with the tools you need to run a sustainable business in both the local and international screen production environments.

Every aspiring film-maker needs Film Business. More than just a reference book, it provides ideas and insights about what to do at each stage of the development and production process, from a business and creative point of view. You'll find yourself dipping into it whenever there's an urgent or difficult problem to solve.

As well as new chapters by Damien Parer, Film Business includes contributions from some of the most experienced film-makers in the business: Ian Allen, Linda Aronson, Ben Cardillo, Ian Collie, Jane Corden, Peter Cudlipp, Reg Diplock, Glen Eaves, Dave Elsey, Sandra Gross, Rebecca Hunt, Libby Jeffery, Julia Leigh, Ginny Lowndes, Hal McElroy, Susie Maizels, Sue Milliken, Nicholas Oughton, Kerry Regan, Lyndon Sayer-Jones, Stephen F Smith, Mark Turnbull.

Author bio:

Tom Jeffrey AM is a leading figure in the Australian film and television industry; his achievements cover production, training, management, policy, advocacy, consultancy and international relations. His credits include award-winning movies, television drama and current affairs, documentary and children's programs. Formerly Head of Training at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, Tom runs his own production company, Vanguard Productions.

Category: Performing Arts
ISBN: 9781741146462
Edition No: 3rd
Table Of Contents: Foreword


1. Excuse me, but what is a producer? (Damien Parer)

2. Film categories - genres (Damien Parer)

3. Animation (Sandra Gross)

4. Commercials (Peter Cudlipp)

5. Corporate (Tom Jeffrey)

6. Documentaries (Damien Parer)

7. Converge or die - surviving the digital media maze (Ben Cardillo, Libby Jeffery and Ian Allen)

8. Open all hours - running a professional business (Damien Parer)

9. Planning for success - the business plan (Damien Parer)

10. Copyright and other rights (Ian Collie and Julia Leigh)

11. The legal ladder (Lyndon Sayer-Jones)

12. Interactive digital media legal matters (Tom Jeffrey)

13. Development heaven - from an idea to a proposal (Damien Parer)

14. Script mechanics (Linda Aronson)

15. The written pitch (Ginny Lowndes)

16. Find me the money - financing your film (Damien Parer)

17. Show me the money - maximising the revenue (Da
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: March 2006
Page Extent: 464
Format: Book
Subject: Television

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