Afterglow of Creation

Decoding the message from the beginning of time

Marcus Chown
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A fully revised and updated new edition of Marcus Chown's widely acclaimed first work of popular science.

It's the oldest fossil in creation.

It accounts for 99.9% of all the light in the Universe

Its discoverers mistook it for the 'glow' of pigeon droppings (yet still carried off the Nobel prize)

The discovery in 1992 of 'cosmic ripples' - slight variations in the temperature of radiation left over from the Big Bang - led to sensational headlines and a scramble among scientists to claim credit. 'It's like seeing the face of God', declared one of the researchers.

In this new and fully revised edition of Afterglow of Creation, Marcus Chown goes behind the hype and the hysteria to provide a clear and lively explanation of one of the biggest discoveries in modern science - and a brilliant picture of what happened next.

Author bio:

Marcus Chown is an award-winning writer and broadcaster. Formerly a radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, he is currently cosmology consultant of the weekly science magazine New Scientist. He is the author of the bestselling Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You, The Never Ending Days of Being Dead and The Magic Furnace. He also wrote The Solar System, the bestselling app for iPad, which won the Future Book Award 2011.

Category: Popular science
ISBN: 9780571250592
Edition No: 2
Publisher: Faber
Imprint: Faber Paperback
Pub Date: March 2010
Page Extent: 288
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Popular science