Chasing the Sun

How the science of sunlight shapes our bodies and minds

Linda Geddes
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The full story of how our relationship with the sun shapes our health, productivity and mood.

Our ancestors constructed vast monuments like Stonehenge and Pyramids of Egypt and Central America to keep track of the sun and celebrate the annual cycle of death and rebirth.

The returning sun heralds new beginnings. Indeed, for most of mankind's history, the sun has dictated our daily patterns of eating, sleeping and activity. It has shaped our culture and belief systems. Without the sun, there would be no oxygen to breathe, no food to eat, and life on Earth never would have existed. The sun has also shaped human biology.

Bursting with original and cutting edge research, Chasing the Sun tells the full story of our long and complex relationship with the sun, from the emergence of life on earth, through to the modern day, and explores what it means to lose our connection with it. This book asks us to rethink the significance of the sun in our lives and to exploit our relationship to improve our health, sleep and productivity.

Author bio:

Linda Geddes is a science journalist who specialises in biology, medicine and technology. She has worked as both news editor and reporter for New Scientist magazine, and has received numerous awards for her journalism, including the Association of British Science Writers' award for Best Investigative Journalism. She is also the author of Bumpology: The Myth-Busting Pregnancy Book for Curious Parents-To-Be.

Category: Popular science
ISBN: 9781781258323
Publisher: Profile Books
Imprint: Profile Trade
Pub Date: February 2019
Page Extent: 256
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Biology, life sciences