Plagues, Pandemics and Cures from the Black Death to Covid-19 and Beyond

Richard Gunderman
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Written by a leading medical practitioner, author and academic, Contagion offers powerful insights into how pandemics begin, how they spread and how societies, both ancient and modern, have coped.

As the outbreak of a new and deadly form of coronavirus dominates headlines and triggers fear and global recession, now is a good time to reflect on the history and science of transmissible diseases. Behind every disease is a story, from the natural history of the disease and its course in the individual, to the tale of the disease's description, discovery and treatment. From the impact of tuberculosis on English dynastic history to the makeup of our DNA; from the deadliest plagues of the ancient world to twenty-first century pandemics; and from the ravages of the Black Death to the discovery of antibodies, transmissible diseases have an incredible variety of tales to tell.

Contagion explores some of the most notorious, grisly, and pernicious communicable diseases in history, revealing their hidden stories. In addition to discussing their symptoms, causes, prevention, and treatment, Richard Gunderman also discusses their impact on notable figures in history, from soldiers to monarchs; the extraordinary contributions of the scientists and physicians who battled them; as well as their impacts on world history and human evolution. Here are the exploits of Edward Jenner, who invented the first vaccine; John Snow, the first person to study disease scientifically; Louis Pasteur, who established the germ theory of infection, along with a myriad other remarkable stories in the never ending struggle between humanity and disease. The narrative is brought right up to date with the desperate battle to stem the Covid-19 pandemic and discover a vaccine.

Renowned medical expert Dr Richard Gunderman shows how disease has shaped the evolution of our species and, if we don't take the proper steps, may yet threaten our very existence on this planet.

Author bio:

Richard Gunderman is a distinguished medical doctor, writer and historian. He is Chancellor's Professor of Radiology, Pediatrics, Medical Education, Philosophy, Liberal Arts, Philanthropy, and Medical Humanities and Health Studies at Indiana University. He is also John A Campbell Professor of Radiology and in 2019-20 also serves as Bicentennial Professor. He is the author of more than 700 articles and 12 books, most recently Tesla (2019) and Marie Curie (2020).

Category: Popular science
ISBN: 9781787395312
Table Of Contents: Predictions of the Conquest of Infectious Disease Were Premature • Agents of infectious disease • Infectious Disease and Natural Selection • The Great Plague of Athens • Ancient Views of Health and Disease • Boccaccio and the Black Death • Smallpox and the Conquest of the Aztecs • Leeuwenhoek and the World of the Very Small • Edward Jenner and the Tiny Prick • Smallpox Inoculation and the American Founding • Tuberculosis, the Persistent Killer • John Snow, Founder of Epidemiology • Robert Koch and His Radical Postulates • Ignaz Semmelweis, Prophet of Handwashing • Joseph Lister, Microbe Killer • Florence Nightingale, the 'Lady with the Lamp' • Louis Pasteur, Titan of Infectious Disease • Max Pettenkofer: The Good Consequences of Erroneous Ideas • Malaria and the World's Deadliest Animal • Spanish Flu: History's Deadliest Pandemic • Diseases of the Night: STIs • Penicillin, the 'Magic Bullet' • Eradication of Infectious Diseases • HIV/AIDS and the Retroviruses • An Early Warning: SARS and Ebola • Coronavirus Castaways • Infectious Disease: The Road Ahead.
Publisher: Welbeck
Imprint: Welbeck
Pub Date: December 2020
Page Extent: 160
Format: Paperback
Subject: Popular science