Bear, Lion or Wolf

How Understanding Your Sleep Type Could Change Your Life

Olivia Arezzolo
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Are you a bear, lion or wolf? Discover the secret to a great night's sleep.

Discover your sleep chronotype (bear, lion or wolf) and understand your body clock morning, noon and night with sleep expert Olivia Arezzolo.

Bear: rise with the sun and wind down in the evening, plus useless immediately after lunch.
Lion: early risers, furiously work in the morning, tailing off after midday and in bed just as the wolves are coming out to play.
Wolf: get up late and more energetic at night.

Understanding individual differences in activity and alertness in the morning and evening means we can understand sleep habits and patterns - and ultimately get a better night's sleep. Based upon clinical research, sleep expert Olivia will teach you how to live a happier and more productive life using her measured, sensible and helpful tips.

Find out which animal chronotype you are, take in Olivia's effective advice, and try out the 28-day plan to not just improve sleep but reduce stress and boost productivity.

Author bio:

Olivia Arezzolo is a sleep expert. Her primary mission is to improve the lives of others from inside and out and through rapid transformation of her clients based on her practices, she has evidence sleep is the vehicle to achieve it. After 9 years of study, Olivia's qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Science, Certificate of Sleep Psychology and Diploma of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine). She lives in Australia.

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ISBN: 9781760686987
Publisher: Bonnier Echo
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Pub Date: February 2022
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: Psychology