Buddhism for Busy People

Finding happiness in an uncertain world

David Michie
AUD $24.95

The story of how a corporate communications consultant discovered Buddhism is woven through this bestselling, simply written, inspiring introduction to meditation practice and Buddhist philosophy.

What does it take to be happy? We've all asked ourselves this question at some point, but few of us have found the path to lasting fulfillment.

David Michie thought he had achieved his life's goals - the high level job, the expensive city apartment, the luxury car, great holidays - but a small voice was telling him he wasn't really happy. A chance remark from a naturopath sent him to his local Buddhist centre. There, he began the most important journey of his life.

In this simple, beautifully written book, David Michie opens the door to the core teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. With wry, self-deprecating humour, he shows us how he began to incorporate Buddhist practices into his daily life. He explains how he came to understand the difference between the temporary pleasures of ordinary life, and the profound sense of well-being and heart-felt serenity that comes from connecting with our inner nature.

Every once in a while you come across an extraordinary book with the power to change your life. Buddhism for Busy People is one such book.

'Michie demystifies the ancient teachings of Buddha, and writes about them in an easy style.' - Sunday Mail

Author bio:

David Michie is a writer, Buddhist practitioner, and corporate communications consultant who works in both Australia and the UK. He is also author of the bestselling Hurry Up and Meditate and of Enlightenment to Go.

Category: Religion
ISBN: 9781741752137
Edition No: 2nd
Table Of Contents: Acknowledgements

1. What does it take to be happy?

2. Buddha's first teaching

3. How to meditate

4. Karma

5. This precious life

6. The first step

7. Cultivating compassion

8. Finding happiness in daily life

9. The heart of Buddha's wisdom

10. Following a teacher



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Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Inspired Living
Pub Date: June 2007
Page Extent: 252
Format: Paperback - B format
Subject: Religion & beliefs