The Cry for Myth

Rollo May
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Insights into the healing role of myths in our lives today.

Myths provide strength and a sense of roots and values. They offer a mirror to reveal the source of our anxieties and the means by which they may be resolved. Surfacing from our subconscious, they empower us to begin the healing process and become a focal point for our recovery.

One of the world's most renowned therapists here explores the link between some of our most durable myths and the dreams and associations that trouble us in our search for direction and peace of mind. In a tour de force of interpretation he examines and analyses myths from all ages and cultures - from classical Greece and Dante's medieval vision of Heaven and Hell, through the persistent legend of Faust and the prototype of Sleeping Beauty to the Wild West and Fitzgerald's brilliant evocation of the Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby.

In a distinguished writing career that has produced such classics as Man's Search for Himself and Love and Will, this book is perhaps May's crowning achievement. Stylish, witty and highly readable, it fully justifies the award of the Gold Medal of the American Psychological Society.

Author bio:

Rollo Reese May was an American existential psychologist and author of the influential book Love and Will. He is often associated with humanistic psychology, existentialist philosophy and, alongside Viktor Frankl, was a major proponent of existential psychotherapy.

Category: Religion
ISBN: 9780285631335
Publisher: Profile Books
Imprint: Souvenir Press
Pub Date: March 1993
Page Extent: 320
Format: Book
Subject: Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works