Becoming Bulletproof

Lessons in fearlessness from a former Secret Service Agent

Evy Poumpouras
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Protect yourself, read people, influence situations and live fearlessly.

In Becoming Bulletproof, former Secret Service Agent Evy Poumpouras shares the insights and skills she has learned from one of the oldest elite security forces in the world - to help you prepare for stressful situations, instantly read people, influence how you're perceived, and live a more fearless life.

As a 5'2" Greek woman, Evy wasn't exactly a typical Secret Service Agent, but she excelled throughout gruelling training, in clandestine interrogation rooms, and protecting President Obama in the White House. She offers a guide to empowerment, mental strength, and overcoming fear and abuse - a guide to becoming bulletproof.

Alongside rare behind-the-scenes glimpses, an exploration of the psychology of criminal behaviour and tricks of interrogation, Evy demonstrates how to heighten our natural instincts to detect BS, develop grit and resilience, and move from fearful to fearless.

Author bio:

Evy Poumpouras is a former Secret Service Special Agent, on the protective detail for President Obama. Evy is now a regular NBC & CNN news contributor on security topics, and teaches criminal justice and criminology at the City University of New York.

Category: Self-help & practical
ISBN: 9781785784552
Publisher: Icon Books
Imprint: Icon
Pub Date: August 2020
Page Extent: 336
Format: Book
Subject: Self-help & personal development