Help your Teenager Succeed at School

A Parent's Guide

Michael Papworth
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There are two universally known truths:

1) Smart kids work well

2) You can't change people

The first one is incorrect. It isn't the smart kids who work well; it is the kids who work well who are smart. Intelligence and diligence are not quantities fixed at birth. They can both be very considerably enhanced.

The second one is right; you can't change people. The task is, then, to create the environment in which the kids can work well and allow them to blossom almost by themselves. As long as the systems are designed and maintained well, this is a very low-stress way of getting what both parents and kids really want.

This unique book tells parents how they can create the perfect environment to help their teenagers flourish at secondary school. Covering every aspect of their teenager's schooling, from choosing a suitable secondary school, to communicating with teachers, through to dealing with the trauma of homework, this is the definitive guide for frazzled parents everywhere.

Author bio:

The author of two of the Classmates books and a successful father, Michael Papworth has taught in schools for twenty years. He runs his own web publishing business (

Category: Self-help & practical
ISBN: 9780826474247
Edition No: 1
Table Of Contents: 1. The education system

2. Choosing a secondary school

3. Positive parenting

4. Supporting school learning

5. Supporting home learning

6. Nurturing the complete child

7. When things go wrong
Publisher: Bloomsbury Acad & Prof
Imprint: Continuum Trade
Pub Date: January 2005
Page Extent: 144
Format: Book
Subject: Advice on parenting