Leaving Home

The ultimate guide

Samantha Koch with David Koch
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A practical guide for anyone leaving home for the first time.

Tired of living with your parents? Starting university in another city? Think you're ready to move out of home and start life as an independent adult?

Sam Koch had always dreamt of the day she would move out of home and into a place with her friends. But when the time finally arrived, the dream turned into a nightmare. She was constantly short of cash, her landlord ripped her off and she didn't get along with two of her flatmates. So at 22, Sam, recently finished uni and living back at home again, has been doing a bit of research and gathering the advice of her friends and family before her next attempt at moving out.

Whether you want to live by yourself, in a share house, or move into a residential college at uni, Leaving Home is full of practical tips for making a stress-free transition from living at home to living in your own home. Packed with useful information for those looking to leave home for the first time, this guide answers the questions often overlooked: from finding the right accommodation to learning to live with flatmates, dealing with landlords and real estate agents, and budgeting for bills, bonds and rent.

Find out:

* If you're ready to move out, and if you can afford to.

* How to find the place that's right for you.

* How to get ready in the months, weeks and days leading up to the move.

* Your rights and responsibilities as a tenant so you don't lose out.

* Tips for getting along with your flatmates in your new place.

Author bio:

SAMANTHA KOCH has recently completed a business degree and currently works as a marketing coordinator. She has co-authored two books with her father, The Teenager's Guide to Money and The Teenager's Guide to Part-time Jobs.

DAVID KOCH is Finance Editor of the Seven Television Network and the Macquarie Radio Network, Chief Executive officer of Palamedia Ltd and Director of the NSW Small Business Development Corporation. His radio segments 'A Minute on Your Money' and 'A Minute on Your Business' are broadcast every weekday on more than 50 regional radio stations throughout Australia.

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ISBN: 9781865087061
Table Of Contents: Introduction

1 Are you ready to leave home?

2 What sort of living arrangement suits me?

3 Renting a place

4 Moving into an established place

5 Going solo

6 Living in college

7 Basic set-up costs

8 Hidden costs

9 The week before you move ...

10 On the day ... moving in

11 Learning to live with other people

12 Household chores and rosters

13 Ongoing expenses

14 Time to leave ... moving out


Appendix I Checklists

Appendix II Useful phone numbers, websites and publications

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Pub Date: January 2003
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