The Kids Will Be All Right

A guide to raising teens in a complex world

Robyn Fausett and Molly Fausett
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An essential guide to parenting today's teens.

In this fast-changing world how do we, as parents and caregivers, keep on the same page as our teens? The challenges and experiences they face can seem a million miles away from our own adolescence. It can feel overwhelming and hard to keep the communication channels open. At the same time, it's vital that we have the tools to talk openly and confidently with our teens.

The Kids Will Be All Right provides up-to-date, evidence-based information, insights, conversation starters, and resources to help you navigate and untangle hot topics such as friendships and frenemies; bullying; cyber safety; drinking, vaping, and risk-taking behaviour; self-esteem and body image; sexuality; consent and safe relationships; and pornography.

Co-written by Robyn - a nurse and educator who provides education programmes on health and well-being, including body image, cyber safety, sexuality, puberty and respectful relationships throughout schools and communities in New Zealand - and her daughter Molly, who weaves her perspective throughout, The Kids Will Be All Right is an insightful, accessible and empathetic guide to empowering parents and caregivers to relate and communicate effectively with their teen.

Author bio:

Robyn Fausett is a registered nurse and the CEO of Nest Consulting, which provides services dedicated to health and well-being, including body image, cyber safety, sexuality, puberty and respectful relationships education programmes throughout schools and communities in New Zealand. Robyn is the researcher and writer of the majority of these programmes.

Nest's programmes are evidence-based utilising the WHO recognised Hauora approach and integrate holistic age appropriate information for a whole sense of valuing self, others and our environment. Launched in 2010, these popular programmes are now delivered by Nest Consulting's educators and facilitators NZ wide.

Robyn is also a speaker, regularly providing events for parents about tweens and teens topics, to health care providers on the subject of fertility and to communities and corporates on various topic of women's health and menopause.

In addition, Robyn has been instrumental as a Board member within various community focussed charities and organisations (most recently for the 'Healing Through Arts Trust' Board and the 'WALSH Trust' Board (supporting people with mental health, social, illness or disability challenges).
She is accredited as a 'Nourish' body image/media awareness programme facilitator through what was formerly EDEN (Eating Disorders Education Network), with 'A Celebration Day for Girls' and 'Days for Girls' as a period education facilitator and with Natural Fertility NZ as an educator and as a trainer. Robyn also works within the disability sector providing specific sexuality and healthy relationship education to young people and their whanau.

Molly Fausett has a degree in cultural anthropology and sociology, with a focus on gender studies and sexuality. She has worked at Nest Consulting in various roles, including assisting in the developments of its youth programmes. Molly now works for the Ministry of Health within the mental health and addictions directorate.

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ISBN: 9781988547565
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Pub Date: July 2022
Page Extent: 432
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