Uses of Sadness

Why feeling sad is no reason not to be happy

Karen Masman
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Being sad doesn't necessarily mean you're depressed. Discover how much sadness can do for you creativity, your future, your relationships, your work, your dreams.

Most of us have bouts of unexplained sadness. Just because we feel sad doesn't mean something is wrong. It may be a time to reassess our goals, to have some down time. It may signal a time of transition, a shift in our identity. The Uses of Sadness helps us understand the nuances of sadness, and how it differs from depression. Sadness helps us access a deeper part of ourselves. As we then become a little bigger, wiser and more compassionate than we were, our lives are enriched and we in turn enrich the lives of others.

Author bio:

Karen Masman has taught groups and workshops for many professional organizations nationwide. Until recently, Karen was the managing editor at Innovative Resources, the publishing arm of a large welfare agency in Victoria. The Uses of Sadness has come out of her workshops by the same name.

Category: Self-help & practical
ISBN: 9781741757576
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Inspired Living
Pub Date: March 2009
Page Extent: 180
Format: Paperback
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Self-help & personal development