The Ultimate Prepper's Survival Guide

Survive the End of the World as We Know It

James Wesley Rawles
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The book is written by the world's number one survivalist James Wesley, Rawles, the founder of the Survival Blog.

The Ultimate Prepper's Survival Guide discusses and reveals all the skills you will need to survive TEOTWAWKI ('The End Of The World As We Know It' in survivalist jargon). It divulges what might cause societal breakdown, as well as how to survive in the short-term as society begins to collapse, and how to thrive in the long-term. Subjects covered include advance preparation, self-defence, medical advice, how to build shelter and a new home, advice on self-sufficiency, while also providing the mental and emotional guidance needed to help you through the most stressful experience you will ever have.

We live in precarious times and increasingly people are recognizing that preparedness could mean the difference between life and death in the very near future. Written by the world's number one survivalist, this book may well be the most important book you will ever read.

Author bio:

James Wesley, Rawles is the founder and editor of - the internet's most popular blog on preparing for future disasters - and a New York Times best-selling author, with previous titles having sold over 2 million copies around the world. He is a former US Army Intelligence Officer and a world-renowned expert on survivalist topics, including food storage, self-defence, communications, retreat security, survival vehicles, and gardening for self-sufficiency.

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ISBN: 9781787393424
Table Of Contents: The Ultimate Prepper's Survival Guide explores every facet of the vital subject of surviving the end of the world and breakdown of society. It includes tips on the mental and emotional resilience required to help you not just cope but prosper in the new world, as well as advice on basic survival skills such as food-gathering, shelter-building, self-defence and self-sufficiency. With practical easy-to-follow instructions on the preparations you can make today, The Ultimate Prepper's Survival Guide is of vital importance to anyone worried about the state of the world today. And remember, knowledge is power. Chapters include:
Introduction, A World of Risk, The Prepared Mind, Water, Heating, Eating, Self-Defence, Communications, Your Neighbours, Bugging Out or Staying Put?, Plan A, Plan B, The Year After.
Publisher: Welbeck
Imprint: Welbeck
Pub Date: November 2020
Page Extent: 240
Format: Hard Cover
Subject: Sports & outdoor recreation