A Month of Sundays

How to go travelling without leaving town

James O'Loghlin
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A humorous and honest account of how the author spent a month exploring his home city, going to many out-of-the-way places with his partner and young child, and learned to enjoy the present rather than worry about the past.

At 7 a.m. on Monday 1 September 2003, the day Lucy and I celebrated our eighth not-married-but-together anniversary, we were in bed with our ten-month-old daughter Bibi lying chaperone between us when the crash of breaking glass startled us awake. Bibi wailed. I jumped out of bed and crept to the window; three men were attacking the house next door with sledgehammers and crowbars. I sighed. It had begun.

James O'Loghlin was concerned. His once-peaceful mornings would now be full of dust, loud radio and miscellaneous smashing from the demolition and rebuilding going on next door. Then came the idea: each morning James and his family would explore their own city. Between the three of them they'd lived in Sydney a lifetime, but it was full of places they hadn't seen and things they'd never done. It was time to do some catching up.

Surely you can't have new experiences and feel the wide-eyed excitement travel offers in a city where you've lived for twenty years or can you? A Month of Sundays is a funny and personal account of what James found when he ran away from home each day and went looking for peace, fun and the mysteries behind the dating rituals of the whipbird. It's also the story of how he tried to answer to the biggest question of them all: how the hell do I live my life?

Author bio:

James O'Loghlin is a comedian who used to be a criminal lawyer. He is the author of the children's book Andy's Secret Weapon (Hodder Headline).He also works in television, hosting The New Inventors on ABC TV, and radio, presenting the evening show on 702 ABC Sydney and ABC Local Radio in NSW and the ACT. You may also have seen him on all those other television shows where people who think they're funny go to try and be funny.

Category: Travel writing
ISBN: 9781741143676
Table Of Contents: 1: The invasion

2: A bad place to busk

3: Two jewels in Legoland

4: The mysterious wild man of Manly

5: Powerful Silvers

6: A bit of east in the west

7: Obsession

8: A ferry to Rydalmere

9: Chemicals

10: Loudspeakers in paradise

11: Sticking our necks out

12: Storming the Battlement

13: The dealer's mum

14: Socks in pants

15: Divided in death

16: Goths in the sun

17: The more you have

18: Empty balconies

Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: November 2004
Page Extent: 228
Format: Paperback - B format
Age: 0 - 0
Subject: Travel writing