Transcontinental Train Odyssey

The Ghan, the Khyber, the globe

Tim Fischer
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Tim Fischer's very personal guide to the great transcontinental railways of the world.

'This book is both highly educational and a damn good read.' - Sam Burgess, OAM, former chairman Zig Zag Railway

'A fascinating view of railways throughout the world by an Australian railway do-er.' - Mike Mohan, formerly of US Railroader, Southern Pacific Railways and now ARG, Perth

Join Tim Fischer, former deputy prime minister of Australia and one of the country's best-known (and most energetic) train enthusiasts, on an entertaining and informative journey to the great railways of the world.

From the early days of train travel to the heady international race to develop new railways to the inaugural journey of Australia's new Ghan, Tim explores the successes and the disasters of a mode of transport that still captures the imagination today.

Here are tales from Tim's many hundreds of train trips around the world, colourful anecdotes about the characters he's met and the far-flung places he's visited, and descriptions of his twelve greatest stations in the world - as well as enough rail history and technical information to satisfy the most ardent trainspotter.

Author bio:

Tim Fischer is the much loved and widely respected Boy from Boree Creek, former deputy prime minister of Australia and leader of the National Party, and committed rural Australian. He is also a serious train enthusiast who argues we need rail now and into the future more than ever before.

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ISBN: 9781741144505
Table Of Contents: Preface

From Gough Whitlam xv

From John Howard xvii

Great Australian railway gauges xx

Great world railway gauges xxi


1 The railway realms 3

12 Gauge battles 11

Part One: Australian Foundations

13 Green light to Darwin 27

14 Record-breaking construction 41

15 Australia revamps rail 51

Part Two: Global Renaissance

16 Great Britain: the birthplace of rail 71

17 Europe: leading in high-speed rail 81

18 North America: a bittersweet view of rail 91

19 South America derails 103

10 Africa: agony and lunacy 111

11 China, India, Russia, Japan: curious connections 121

12 Greater Asia: up the Khyber 133

13 The top twelve grand stations 143

Part Three: Darwin at last

14 First freight train to Darwin 157

15 The First Ghan to Darwin 175

Part four: The future

16 A rail renaissance 191

Bibliography 201

Glossary of railway terminology 205

Acknowledgements 209

Index 211
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: August 2004
Page Extent: 240
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Subject: Travel writing