Look What You Made Me Do

Fathers Who Kill

Megan Norris
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One Australian woman is hospitalised every three hours and two more lose their lives each week as a result of family violence. But for some women there is a punishment more enduring than injury or their own death. This book is a timely exploration into the evil done by vengeful fathers who kill their own flesh and blood in order to punish wives who have chosen to end abusive relationships.

Focussing on seven different but equally harrowing cases of 'spousal revenge', author Megan Norris draws on her own observations as a former court and crime reporter, examining the murders of thirteen innocent children who became collateral damage in callous crimes committed by angry dads whose real targets were the children's mothers.

From the harrowing 1993 kidnap and murder of three-year-old Kelly East in WA, to the chilling murder of Darcey Freeman whose dad hurled her from Melbourne's West Gate Bridge in 2009, these stories highlight the chilling connection between intimate partner abuse and retaliatory homicide. They show it's not only mothers who are in danger when domestic violence turns deadly.

Author bio:

Journalist Megan Norris has a portfolio that covers some of the most high profile crime cases in Australia. She continues to cover some of the most bizarre stalking cases, abductions, domestic violence and rape cases for the women's magazine market where she has a special interest in women and children who are victims of violent crime.

She is a former winner of the EVA (Eliminating Violence Against Women) awards and, last year, was the only Australian journalist to exclusively cover the death of Australia's most notorious gangland killer, Carl Williams, from an interview with his former partner, Roberta Williams.

Category: True Crime
ISBN: 9781760061838
Publisher: Bonnier Echo
Imprint: Echo
Pub Date: September 2015
Page Extent: 272
Format: Paperback - C format
Subject: True crime