David Marr
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This powerful biography brings to life Australia's most powerful and controversial Chief Justice. An Australian classic, it is David Marr's first book.

'The brilliant biography of one of Australia's most powerful men a special book.' The Age

'The best biography written by an Australian; the best biography written about an Australian.' Sir Richard Kirby

For forty years Sir Garfield Barwick stood at the centre of power in Australia. He was an advocate who saved the private banks from Chifley and fought to destroy the Communist Party. He was the Attorney-General who reformed the divorce laws and the Foreign Minister who put Australian troops in Vietnam. He was the Chief Justice who broke down the tax laws, dramatically advanced the power of Canberra and gave Sir John Kerr the constitutional imprimatur to dismiss the Whitlam government.

Barwick is the portrait of a complex and driven man who began life in the Sydney slums, a man totally committed to the exercise of power and utterly certain of the rightness of his beliefs. It is also a remarkable insight into the inner workings of Australia's supreme legal institution.

Winner of the NSW Premier's Literary Award, Barwick is an Australian classic.

Author bio:

David Marr is the multi-award winning author of Patrick White: a Life and The High Price of Heaven, and co-author with Marian Wilkinson of Dark Victory. In a career spanning over thirty years, he has written for The Bulletin and the Sydney Morning Herald, been editor the National Times, a reporter for Four Corners and until recently, presenter of ABC-TV's Media Watch.

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ISBN: 9781741147209
Edition No: 2nd
Table Of Contents: 1 A Start in Life 1903-1915 1

2 Masters 1916-1927 7

3 Hard Times 1927-1932 15

4 Persuasion 1932-1939 26

5 Combat Training, Barwick at War 1939-1944 32

6 All the Precedents' Men 1944-1945 43

7 The Great Financial Romance 1945-1949 52

8 Machinery of Tyranny 1950-1951 75

9 To the Velvet Footstool 1952-1954 95

10 Petrov 1954 106

11 UnfInished Business 1954-1958 124

12 A Taste of Power 1958-01959 132

13 The Red Menace Revisited 1959-1960 147

14 Trouble on the North West Frontier 1961-1963 166

15 Free Market Forces 1960-1963 184

16 Changing Horses 1963-1964 192

17 The Chief 1964-1970 210

18 Bench-marks 1970-1975 227

19 Unconventional Behaviour 1975-1976 245

20 Look on My Warks 1976-1980 279

Afterword 300

Appendix 302

Notes 307

Index of Cases 321
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Pub Date: August 2005
Page Extent: 348
Format: Paperback - C format
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Subject: Biography & True Stories