Winston Churchill (The Compact Guide)

Christopher Catherwood
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Includes painstakingly researched photographs and artworks, including personal notes for some of his most famous wartime speeches, and letters from a young Churchill to his mother while homesick at boarding school.

There are few figures in British history more famous than Winston Churchill. Renowned for guiding Britain through the tumultuous Second World War, his speeches echo through history, and his wartime leadership is recognized as essential for weathering the war. But there is so much more to the man than his speeches and official photos. The Compact Guide: Winston Churchill explores that hidden history in succinct yet informative detail, tracking Churchill's nine-decade life from his early childhood, all the way to his last days.

The Compact Guide: Winston Churchill is full of revealing personal letters, documents, and speeches, which draw attention to the unforgettable power of his oratory, which added a heroic dimension to a leader who was undoubtedly a true statesman.

However, Churchill was not without fault - the disastrous Gallipoli campaign, the creation of Iraq in 1921, his blind spot over India - all these contributed to a reputation for unreliability that dogged much of his public life. These make for an exciting, colourful retelling of this political titan's life, and a definite must-read.

Author bio:

Dr Christopher Catherwood is a leading Churchill scholar. He is Emeritus Archives By-Fellow of Churchill College Cambridge, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a supervisor at Homerton College, Cambridge. He has written many books and articles including Winston's Folly, His Finest Hour - A Brief Life of Winston Churchill, A Brief History of the Middle East, The Balkans in WWII and Winston Churchill: The Flawed Genius.

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Table Of Contents: The Churchills • Birth and Early Years • The Adventurer • Prisoner of the Boers • The Young Winston • First Lord of the Admiralty • Gallipoli • Frontline Soldier • Churchill the Artist • Churchill the Innovator • Winston's Follies • Cabinet Minister • Churchill and Chartwell • The Wilderness Years • Churchill and the Great Republic • Churchill and Family • Winston is Back • Wartime Part I: Alone... • Churchill's Cigars • Wartime Part II: Wooing the USA • Wartime Part III: Nadir and Restoration • Wartime Part IV: The Grand Alliance • Wartime Part V: D-Day and Beyond • Wartime Part VI: Triumph and Tragedy • The Iron Curtain • Churchill's Indian Summer • Churchill the Orator • Churchill's Travels • Churchill College • A Glorious Ending • Churchill and History.
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Pub Date: June 2020
Page Extent: 128
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