Guide to English Literature

Wynne-Davies, Marion

AUD $38.47

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The Mint Lawn

Gillian Mears

Format: Paperback

AUD $29.99

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Social Theory

Peter Beilharz

AUD $39.99

This book introduces some of the leading social theorists in short, lively entries by leading Australian scholars.

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Professional Writing Guide

Roslyn Petelin and Marsha Durham

AUD $37.99

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A Short History of Socialist Money

Gavin Peebles

AUD $22.99

A Short History of Socialist Money is a historical and institutional account of the role of money in the planned economies. It is an essential guide for general readers and students interested in monetary economics, the planned economies, comparative economic studies and economic histories.

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The Making and Breaking of the Australian Family

Michael Gilding

AUD $27.99

Looks at the family in history, tracing the shift from household economy, to the child-centred nuclear family, to the recent proliferation of households.

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Edited by Gillian Bottomley, Marie de Lepervanche and Jeannie Martin

AUD $27.99

Do writings about ethnicity, class and gender form a 'holy trinity' or challenge previous unidimensional analyses? Intersexions aims to understand the processes by which relations of power are maintained, reproduced and resisted. It also examines modes of representation within areas such as social theory, feminism, and development theory.

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My drum

Kay Davies and Wendy Oldfield

Format: Board Book

AUD $16.95

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