Morning Breaks In The Elevator

Lemn Sissay

Format: Paperback

AUD $22.99

'Sissay writes of love, hate, politics and everyday trivia with an accessible, compelling and rather unusual honesty. A rough diamond of a book.' - The Big Issue

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Destructive Emotions

Daniel Goleman & His Holiness the Dalai

AUD $49.95

By the author of the international bestseller Emotional Intelligence

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Spook's Shack

Wendy Orr, illustrated by Kerry Millard

Format: Paperback

AUD $14.95

Finn discovers Jack Henry, a ghost, and his ghost-dog Nipper, in an old bush shack. They team up to outwit Boris Banks, who has plans for a gold mine that would destroy the bushland and leave the wild animals homeless. Illustrated junior novel.

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The Valuation of Businesses, Shares and Other Equity

Wayne Lonergan

Format: Paperback

AUD $110.00

The definitive manual in Australia for the valuation of businesses, shares and other equity as required by managers, investors and accountants.

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A Short History of China and Southeast Asia

Martin Stuart-Fox

Format: Paperback

AUD $29.99

New in the Short History of Asia series, edited by Milton Osborne, this is a readable, well-informed and comprehensive short history of China's relationships with its Southeast Asian neighbours from ancient times to the present day.

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Barry J Nalebuff and Adam M Brandenburger

Format: Paperback

AUD $21.95

Co-opetition offers a new way of thinking that combines competition and cooperation. It is the first book to adapt game theory to the needs of CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs.

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Granta 80: The Group

Ian Jack (ed.)

Format: Paperback

AUD $24.95

Everybody has been a reluctant or willing member of one: the family, the school, the football side, the quiz team, the once-faithful friends who met in a bar every Friday at five. Group photographs are their souvenir - frozen moments of a previous way of living, and of liking or disliking the people who shared it.

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Hard Heads, Soft Hearts

Edited by Peter Dawkins and Paul Kelly

Format: Paperback

AUD $26.99

A bold contemporary statement for an economic and social reform agenda, Hard Heads, Soft Hearts draws on contributions from a wide range of Australia's leading thinkers across academia, politics, the Public Service, business, unions and community groups. Edited by Paul Kelly, one of Australia's leading political and economic commentators, and Peter Dawkins, head of the Melbourne Institute

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Manhattan to Baghdad

Paul McGeough

Format: Paperback

AUD $35.00

From the trenches in Afghanistan to the Occupied Territories, Israel to Baghdad and beyond, this is a poignant account from one of Australia's most respected foreign correspondents, of the international fallout from September 11 and informative meditation on what our future holds.

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