The Meddlesome Priest

Peter Hempenstall

Format: Paperback

AUD $39.99

The Meddlesome Priest is the story of a 20th century Australian nationalist who became a legend. Ernest Burgmann's words and actions hold a promise of extraordinary relevance for Australian society today.

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The Methodists

Don Wright and Eric Clancy

Format: Paperback

AUD $27.99

The Methodists tells the story of Methodism in New South Wales from the establishment of the first class meetings in the colony until the inauguration of the Uniting Church in 1977.

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Daughters of the Dreaming

Diane Bell

Format: Paperback

AUD $31.00

Daughters of the Dreaming has taken its place alongside the classics of Australian anthropological literature. First published in 1983, it remains an outstanding study of Aboriginal women's lives from a woman's perspective.;

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Bcp: Samuel T Coleridge

Coleridge, Samuel Tayor

AUD $29.95

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The Cry for Myth

Rollo May

AUD $24.99

Insights into the healing role of myths in our lives today.

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Elfriede Jelinek, translated by Michael Hulse

Format: Paperback

AUD $24.95

In a quaint Austrian ski resort, things are not quite what they seem.

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