Young adult fiction

Witchling (Bella Donna 3)

Ruth Symes, illustrated by Marion Lindsay

Sales price: AUD $14.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.36

A witch, a cat and a lot of magic!

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With a Sword in My Hand

Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem, Pat van Beirs and John Nieuwenhuizen

Sales price: AUD $17.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.64

Marguerite's father is desperate for a son. Instead he's stuck with a feisty, stubborn, red-headed daughter who refuses to behave like a lady.

This exciting medieval romance-adventure story is based on historical fact about a 14-year-old heiress to Flanders called Marguerite Van Male.

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With Lots of Love from Georgia

Brigid Lowry

Sales price: AUD $19.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.82

Money can't buy you love, but sometimes you find one when you think you need the other. Georgia's fifteenth year starts in pursuit of money (for a trip to see her favourite band), and ends with an unexpected pay-off - first love. A funny and engaging novel written in a playful, inventive style.

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With Malice

Eileen Cook

Sales price: AUD $16.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.54

A chilling mystery where nothing is what it seems and everyone is a suspect...

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Wolf on the Fold

Judith Clarke

Sales price: AUD $17.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.64

Winner of the 2001 CBC Book of the Year Award and the 2001 Steele Rudd Australian Short Story Award, these beautifully crafted stories span seventy years and explore crucial moments in the growing up of a family.

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