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New Releases

From two of Australia’s best-loved TV and radio personalities comes A First Time for Everything! A hilarious and relatable story that perfectly captures mess, glorious chaos of a baby’s first year. 

Is It Halloween Yet? Is a charming and sweet Australian Halloween picture book that includes a craft idea that makes this a must-have for every family, especially those who like to trick-or-treat.

From acclaimed author/illustrator Nicki Greenberg comes Miss Kraken, a hilarious and bold picture book about an unusual teacher and her class of badly-behaved students.

Join Anders and his band of intrepid friends in The Adventures of Anders! A bumper book of fun and adventure!

A Different Land is a story of new beginnings in a new land from Australia’s master storyteller, Paul Jennings.

The temperature is rising at Hotel Flamingo: Holiday Heatwave, which can only mean on thing: it’s summer! Make sure you book your room at the sunniest hotel in town.


Stories aloud:

Paperback picture books to make a noise about! Each book comes with a free audio reading using children's voices, complete with sound effects and original music. Just scan the QR code (found on the inside cover) with your smartphone or tablet and hear the story! Check out the full list here.


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Welcome to Albert Street Books - a home for gorgeous, child-centred books for babies to 12-year-olds that are warm and charming, funny and friendly and are good to read, to share, to give, and to read again.

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Book of the month

149 9781760525002
A First Time for Everything

Tiffiny Hall and Ed Kavalee, Illustrated by Anil Tortop

Full of love, laughter and unexpected moments, Tiffiny Hall and Ed Kavalee perfectly capture the ups and downs of a baby’s first year!


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