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The Easter Bunnyroo is a charming Australian Easter story about an understandable misunderstanding. 

Halley, Koby and Mimi’s lives are turned upside-down when the Monster Nanny comes to take care of them while their parents are away. 

Get ready for a classic adventure of friendship, fate and fortune in The Chicken’s Curse

Trying to get your kids off the screens and into some books? Pick up a copy of 7 Steps to Get Your Child Reading, a timely reference for parents and teachers by an acknowledged expert in the field.

Now a major film, read H is for Happiness before you see it on screens!  

Are These Hen’s Eggs? is a sweet story of friendship and co-operation, unconditional love and a surprising egg hunt.


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Paperback picture books to make a noise about! Each book comes with a free audio reading using children's voices, complete with sound effects and original music. Just scan the QR code (found on the inside cover) with your smartphone or tablet and hear the story! Check out the full list here.


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Welcome to Albert Street Books - a home for gorgeous, child-centred books for babies to 12-year-olds that are warm and charming, funny and friendly and are good to read, to share, to give, and to read again.

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Book of the month

149 9781760527402
H is for Happiness

Barry Jonsberg

Have the tissues ready for this delightful, funny and wonderfully touching story!


Mr Chicken All Over Australia Activity Sheet

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