2020 Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award Announced

In conjunction with The Australian and the Vogel’s company, Allen & Unwin is pleased to announce the 2020 winner of The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award, 'A Treacherous Country' by K.M. Kruimink. This authentic, original and playful novel is about loyalty, wisdom and the freedom to act.

The Australian/Vogel's Literary Award is one of Australia's richest and most prestigious awards for an unpublished manuscript. Awarded to an author under the age of thirty-five, the longstanding award has launched the careers of over 100 Australian authors including Tim Winton, Rohan Wilson, Kate Grenville, Andrew McGahan and Gillian Mears.

The judges were unanimous with their praise, saying:

‘Witty, warm, lively and delightful. It has an assured voice that rose out of the pages rich, complete and true.’ – Tegan Bennett Daylight, award-winning author of Six Bedrooms

‘Dialogue and interplay are fantastic. The characters and storyline completely “hooked” me. Loved the ending.’ – Megan O’Brien, bookseller

K.M. Kruimink says she entered the Vogel's award with no concrete thought of what would happen to her submission.

‘For me, at that time, the value in entering was in the structure and the deadline: it helped motivate me to complete something. To actually win is helping me articulate to myself what I would really like to do with my career, and it's given me permission to articulate it to others, too.

‘It's astonishingly wonderful to have my book published, and it's just as wonderful to be able to say, 'Yes, this is something I've wanted to do.’

About A Treacherous Country

Set in the 1800s, Gabriel Fox is newly arrived to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) from England. Drawn by the promise of his heart’s desire and compelled to distance himself from pain at home, Gabrielle is on a quest to find a woman called Maryanne Maginn. 

His guide, a Cannibal who is not all he seems, leads him north. As Gabriel traverses this wild country, he uncovers new truths buried within his own memory.

About K.M. Kruimink

K.M. (Kate) Kruimink was born in Tasmania and spent most of her childhood in the Huon Valley, with an interlude on the West Coast. After completing a largely ornamental Arts degree at the University of Tasmania, she lived and worked interstate and abroad for several years. Today, she lives once again in the Huon Valley, now with her husband and daughter. A Treacherous Country is her first novel.

You can read the opening chapters, and find out more about the book over here, while you'll find A Treacherous Country in all good bookstores this week.

A Treacherous Country

by K.M. Kruimink

The winner of the prestigious literary award that has launched over a hundred authors - The Australian/Vogel's Literary award.

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