Albert Street Books to Publish the Real-Life Story of Tippy & Jellybean

Allen & Unwin are excited to announce the publication of a new children’s book from Albert Street Books. Tippy & Jellybean shares the real-life story of Tippy the koala who saved her baby Jellybean from the flames of last summer’s devastating bushfires. 

This book was created in record time in response to the unprecedented bushfires, to help raise money for the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund.

A dollar from every copy sold will be going towards the fund, which supports the work of vets—like the ones who rescued and cared for the real Tippy and Jellybean.

"Like all organisations that care for wildlife, Zoos Victoria felt the impact of the bushfires, and we are proud to help in even a small way”, said Albert Street Books Publisher, Susannah Chambers, adding that “the true story of Tippy and Jellybean celebrates resilience, caring and community—things we need more than ever right now. Sophie Cunningham's lovely gentle text, and Anil Tortop's stunning illustrations make this such a special, joyful book to read, to share and to treasure.”

Tippy and Jellybean is a story very close to our hearts, and this book beautifully captures the bravery and resilience of both the animals and vets impacted by the recent bushfires,” said Dr Jenny Gray, CEO of Zoos Victoria.

“Zoos Victoria is grateful for Allen & Unwin’s support of the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund through the sale of Tippy and Jellybean. It is because of this fund that we’re able to carry out long-term recovery work to ensure animals like Tippy and Jellybean are cared for well into the future.”

Tippy and Jellybean will be on shelves this June.

Tippy and Jellybean - The True Story of a Brave Koala who Saved her Baby from a Bushfire

by Sophie Cunningham, illustrated by Anil Tortop

Based on a heartwarming true story.

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