Charlotte Wood shortlisted for the Stella Prize

The Stella Prize has announced the 2016 shortlist and we're thrilled that Charlotte Wood's The Natural Way of Things has made the cut! Our cousins at Bloomsbury also have made the list with The World Without Us by Mireille Juchau.

From the judges:

The Natural Way of Things by Charlotte Wood
In The Natural Way of Things 10 women are imprisoned on an isolated property, forced into hard labour in scorching heat while wearing rough uniforms and vision-impairing bonnets. They are given no reason for their incarceration, but they gradually determine that each has been involved in a public sex scandal, making them dangerous, embarrassing or inconvenient to men who have the power to punish them. As their food runs out and it becomes evident that their guards have also been abandoned by whatever power placed them there, the women are forced to look to each other for survival.

Exposing the threads of misogyny, cowardice and abuses of power embedded in contemporary society, this is a confronting, sometimes deeply painful novel to read. With an unflinching eye and audacious imagination, Charlotte Wood carries us from a nightmare of helplessness and despair to a fantasy of revenge and reckoning.

The World Without Us by Mireille Juchau
Set on the north coast of NSW in the aftermath of a young girl’s death from cancer, The World Without Us traces the varying effects of grief on the remaining members of her family while emphasising the wider world in which those lives are embedded: a world in which ecological breakdown operates both as metaphor and disturbing fact. Mireille Juchau uses anxieties about the fragility of the natural systems that sustain our lives as a referent for her story of love and loss.

The World Without Us is an acute portrait of individuals who persist in the aftermath of loss, recorded in prose that is witty and self-aware, and capable of making poetry from the most mundane aspects of the everyday. It is a book that reminds us that a single human loss can fall with terrible force on those who are left behind.

The Stella Prize celebrates Australian women's contribution to literature and was first awarded in 2013. The prize is worth $50,000, and both fiction and nonfiction books are eligible for entry. The winner of the 2016 Stella Prize will be awarded in Sydney on 19 April.

The Natural Way of Things

by Charlotte Wood

Two women awaken from a drugged sleep to find themselves imprisoned in an abandoned property in the middle of a desert in a story of two friends, sisterly love and courage - a gripping, starkly imaginative exploration of contemporary misogyny and corporate control, and of what it means to hunt and be hunted.

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