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A Better Me

Gary Barlow

Sales price: AUD $19.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.82

Honest, heartfelt and human, this is the new remarkable memoir from Gary Barlow.

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A Book of Dreams

Peter Reich

Sales price: AUD $29.99
Tax amount: AUD $2.73

A Book of Dreams, the inspiration behind Kate Bush's 1985 hit song 'Cloudbusting', and widely regarded as a classic of writing about childhood, is at last available in paperback again.

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A Book of Untruths

Miranda Doyle

Sales price: AUD $24.99
Tax amount: AUD $2.27

A deeply original memoir about the lies we tell ourselves and the flexibility of 'truth'.

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A Certain Light

Cynthia Banham

Sales price: AUD $32.99
Tax amount: AUD $3.00

With great courage and empathy, Cynthia Banham asks the difficult questions about family, about survival, and fearlessly tells the stories that are never told.

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A Dubious Codicil

Michael Wharton

Sales price: AUD $33.00
Tax amount: AUD $3.00

Bringing great writing back into print - a Faber Finds book.

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