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A Dominant Character

Samanth Subramanian

Sales price: AUD $39.99
Tax amount: AUD $3.64

The bold and brilliant biography of maverick British scientist J.B.S. Haldane, one of the twentieth-century's greatest thinkers, by an award-wining author.

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A Farmer's Diary

Sally Urwin

Sales price: AUD $29.99
Tax amount: AUD $2.73

An hilarious and honest account of a farmer's year - from lambing to harvest.

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A Fork in the Road

Roger Lane-Smith

Sales price: AUD $39.99
Tax amount: AUD $3.64

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A Gambling Man

Jenny Uglow

Sales price: AUD $59.99
Tax amount: AUD $5.45

He took risks; he staked all - even his kingdom. How did Charles II, in the face of extraordinary expectations, reign for twenty-five years?

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A House in Flanders

Michael Jenkins

Sales price: AUD $19.99
Tax amount: AUD $1.82

Michael Jenkins's vivid memoir of a summer that changed his life has become a much-loved classic, with its evocative portraits of Tante Yvonne and the other aunts, the raw memories of two world wars that still scar the Flanders plain.

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