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A Long Way from Wyandra

Peter Moody with Trevor Marshallsea

Sales price: AUD $22.99
Tax amount: AUD $2.09

The forthright, fascinating memoir of Peter Moody, trainer of Black Caviar and one of Australia's most high-profile and best-liked racing identities.

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A Love Supreme

Ashley Kahn, introduction by Elvin Jones

Sales price: AUD $22.99
Tax amount: AUD $2.09

With a new introduction for the 55th anniversary of the album's release, this is Ashley Kahn's seminal work on John Coltrane's masterpiece A Love Supreme.

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A Man of Contradictions

Richard Ollard

Sales price: AUD $43.00
Tax amount: AUD $3.91

Bringing great writing back into print - a Faber Finds book.

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A Natural Year

Wendyl Nissen

Sales price: AUD $39.99
Tax amount: AUD $3.64

Wendyl's story of living the simple life in the country: gardening, foraging, fishing and the freedom she has found in ageing. Beautifully illustrated and including 100 new and delicious recipes.

'An absolute cracker of a guide to feeling content by living more naturally.' Lynda Hallinan

'The book that saved me from peak Covid-19 anxiety. It felt like a portal. I'd open at a random page and lose myself in a timeless green swoon.' Catherine Woulfe, The Spinoff

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A Primer for Forgetting

Lewis Hyde

Sales price: AUD $35.00
Tax amount: AUD $3.18

A playful and melancholy defense of forgetfulness by exploring the healing effect it can have on the human psyche, from the author of The Gift.

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