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The Magnolia Sword is an authentic and heart-thumping retelling that brings the much-loved heroine Mulan to life.

The Queen of Nothing is the intoxicating and bloodthirsty finale to the bestselling series The Folk of the Air by Holly Black.

Sally Gardner brings us a beautifully crafted new fairy tale with a dark twist in The Wind in the Wall.

From fantasy master Garth Nix comes Angel Mage, a new world of angels, heroes, gunpowder and high magic.

From the author of To Kill a Kingdom comes Into the Crooked Place, the first in a spectacular fantasy duology featuring a world thriving with black magic.

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149 9781760876685
The Magnolia Sword

Sherry Thomas

Sherry Thomas gets down to business in this brilliant retelling of Mulan that all readers will love! A must-read!