Academic & Professional Reference Books

Whether you are a University or TAFE teacher, a student or researcher, we provide a range of academic titles and textbooks to assist you in your teaching, learning and research.

Over the years we have had the privilege of publishing many discipline shaping books across the academic spectrum, and we’re committed to continuing in this vein. 

The academic list at Allen & Unwin includes student textbooks and professional reference titles in the following subject areas:

• Anthropology & Archaeology
• Australian Studies
• Cultural & Media Studies
• Defence Studies
• Education
• Health Sciences, Nursing & Nutrition
• History
• Indigenous Studies
• Politics & Public Policy
• Science
• Social Work
• Sociology
• Writing Skills

We also distribute books published by a number of UK publishers, including Faber & Faber, Granta, A&C Black, Bloomsbury Academic, Continuum, Berg, Fairchild, Bristol Classics, Duckworth, Icon, Profile and also Atlantic Books from the US.







Latest Academic Releases

150px 9781760527099
Inclusive Education for the 21st Century

Edited by Linda J. Graham

An introduction to the foundational principles and evidence-based classroom strategies for effective inclusive education in both primary and secondary schools.

150px 9781760296100
Food and Nutrition

4th edition

Edited by Mark L. Wahlqvist and Danielle Gallegos

A comprehensive introduction to human nutrition, setting it in the context of food systems and health across the lifespan. This leading text has been totally rewritten for this fourth edition to reflect the new imperatives of food security in the context of climate change.

150px 9781760875145
Health Promotion in the 21st Century

Edited by Mary-Louise Fleming and Louise Baldwin

5th edition

An introduction to health promotion in Australia which addresses the complex local and international causes of ill health, and the range of strategies which can be employed to develop effective and sustainable health promotion interventions.