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Welcome to the teachers resources page.

These pages are especially for teachers and librarians to assist you in the promotion and teaching of literature in schools and to help foster a love of good books and reading in children.  Novels, non-fiction, class set suggestions, teacher reference books, books for preschoolers: you'll find them all here.

It is our aim to help you in the classroom so in this section you will find teachers' notes for over 70 of our books, book reviews by other teachers, book-linked activities for the classroom and lots more.

Our Best Books for Schools 2020 January to July catalogue is now available. Download your copy here.

Download the order form for the Best Books for Schools 2020 (January-July) here.


Our February 2020 Primary School order form is now available. Download your copy here.

Our February 2020 Secondary School order form is now available. Download your copy here.

Education News

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Our Best Books for Schools catalogue will provide you with information about all the new titles we are releasing between January and July 2020. Each entry includes a brief description of the book, as well as whether teachers’ notes or teachers’ tips are available, if it meets the criteria of the Australian Curriculum, and if it would be suitable to buy as a class set. 

One book that’s in the catalogue and will be of particular interest to primary school teachers and librarians this month is 7 Steps to Get Your Child Reading by Louise Park. A scientifcally based, easy to read guide to helping kids become passionate readers, this is a title that you can use in your classroom and recommend to parents to use at home.

And whether you teach in primary or high school,Dear Parents by Gabbie Stroud, author of the bestselling Teacher, is a must for anyone interested in our education system.

Latest Books for School

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