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Welcome to teachers resources page.

These pages are especially for teachers and librarians to assist you in the promotion and teaching of literature in schools and to help foster a love of good books and reading in children.  Novels, non-fiction, class set suggestions, teacher reference books, books for preschoolers: you'll find them all here.

It is our aim to help you in the classroom so in this section you will find teachers' notes for over 70 of our books, book reviews by other teachers, book-linked activities for the classroom and lots more.

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Making sure that early readers don’t go on to become reluctant readers just got so much easier with the release this month of the first four D-Bot Squad books. The series combines an un-put-downable story with success oriented readability features including: a fine-tuned font, word count per page and vocabulary. And best of all, each story ends on a cliff-hanger to propel children forward to the next book in the series. Perfect for your K-Year 2 classrooms and library collection.

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